Opening ceremony of the school kindergarten 

In a very unique event, the school Board of Directors inaugurated its new kindergarten; "The little Angel". Dozens of the school friends, donors, staff and key persons of the local community has attended the ceremony. In the speech delivered by the Board Chairperson Mr. Nader Abu Amsha, he confirmed that the school is witnessing a progressing process through which we have accomplished remarkable achievements; he quoted" we are starting our own kindergarten which will great impact on the school career, widened its target group and enhance its capacity". The school principal Jihan E'maya expressed her happiness of this great day in which we are moving ahead and building children and starting with new generation. Mrs. Randa the kindergarten director explained the means and tools she is following to build the children's abilities and skills; she clarified that working with these children is very important to find the good foundation for their career. The representative of the Ministry of Education in Bethlehem Mr. Numan Hamdan talked about the progress at Hope school and the importance of the kindergarten in the school career. He thanked all those who worked hard to make this goal comes true. At the end of the celebration; the school board awarded those who donated to establish this important project. The children of the kindergarten participated in a very lovely song where they welcomed the guests. 

At the  of the ceremony there was a humble reception in the outdoor garden of the kindergarten. 

In the opening ceremony of the football pitch at Hope school:  

This is the way we build peace…. 

Our beloved children at Hope school….. Our staff…. Dear Mayor of Beit Jala, Mr. Axel Director of Bergisch-Gladbach Association, representatives of Beit Jala organizations …. Distinguished guests

I am very proud to stand this day in front of you to express my dearest gratitude to all those who have made this day very special … to all those who supported this project and made our dreams come true….

This project is the fruit of our twin relation…. It is the fruit of cooperation among nations … it is the fruit of international efforts to make peace in the land of peace.

Ladies and gentlemen …. This project and other similar activities  are exactly the right way to make peace and promote friendly attitudes among our children… it is the way … to sow love instead of hate … to create tolerance instead of discrimination… it is the route to help our children and youth both males and females to find the constructive alternatives in building their future.

No one word can express the feeling of our children especially the athletes who were eager to practice on such a proper field. Over the past three days more than 40 children have come on a daily basis to train on this field, some of them came with their parents who expressed their joy and gratitude for such a great achievement which represents an urgent need of our youngsters.

Finally I would like to afirm my gratitude to all those who participated actively in supporting and constructing this project:

1-     Beit Jala Municipality.

2-     Palestinian Football Federation

3-     Beit Jala-Bergisch Gladbach Assocaition

4-     Mr. Nicola Khamis

5-      Jena Municpality

Khader Saba 

It is our pleasure to advise that our school kindergarten " the lIttle Angel" has just started operating with at least 17 preschool kids. it is not hard to believe that our dream has become true and that the school is progressing by God's grace for He said "ask and you willbe given, nock and the doors will be opened." Thank you God.. Many thanks to all those who think, pray and support Hope school... We make true life.

Congratulationsssssssssssssssssssssssssss Hope School 

Hope School BoD's would like to congratulate our headmistress Dr. Jihan, the staff and the students mainly those who passed the government exam for the brilliant results of the exams. The success rate of the students is 83% which is evaluated as a remarkable progress in the school academic process over the past five years. We precisely would like to congratulate graduate Francis Meadi who got a general average of 91% out of 100% . The story of Francis is a good evident of the great job done by Hope school. Francis came to Hope school two years ago, his general average in the main subjects was in the sixtieth "D".  Within two years, the school was able to follow him thoroughly, he was able to adapt himself and comply swiftly within the school rules and bylaws.  We are very proud of his result, we are thrilled to congratulate him, his parents and ourselves for such great success.  Fancis expressed his gratitude to the school staff and headmistress Dr. Jihan Emaya who was able within two years to move the school forward and to make notable progress in the academic sphere. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."                                                      Nelson Mandela

Hope school is planning to offer a three-folded program to enhance the school performance;
In order to improve the school academic results Hope school has designed a three-folded program that addresses the basic needs of the children in their endeavor to build up their educational career:
Firstly: The Academic program which will start next year with the school kindergarten in addition to enhance the academic tools and techniques.
Secondly: the psycho-social program which will explore the social and psychological causes behind the poor academic results of some children. This program will work both indoor and as an outreach program through field visit to the children's houses and place of residency. The program will deal with the students and their parents as well and will make sure that the students' homes are comfortable place to study.
Thirdly: Economic empowerment: the third intervention is planned to be economic empowerment. The financial status of the students' families plays crucial role in the students' academic results given that some parents encourage their children to work in the afternoon instead of providing the suitable circumstances to study. In order to address this problem, the school management team designed an economic empowerment program targeting the students' parents and aims at improving the families' income and standard of living through stimulating long term self-sustainable income generating project. The school will target 10 of the poorest families each year and work with them on establishing an income generating project per each family that suits and in consistence with the family resources especially the human resources. The project will be implemented through cooperative partnership with a dedicated organization work on poverty alleviation programs. consequently the project will encourage the parents to let their children take care of their educational career.
On the other hand, Hope school is planning to introduce Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) within its programs. The TVET program will be applied over two phases; the first phase includes providing vocational and technical education within the school curriculum while the second phase includes establishing a separate TVET unit at Hope school. Applying the dual system (academic and vocational) would make the school one of the first which arm the students with two certificates: the first is the academic and credited by the Ministry of Education and the Vocational certificate credited by the Ministry of Labor. The program represents a turning point in the school progress and career. 

Hope School celebrates 

It was an exciting day. The day every student is waiting for. It is the graduate day at Hope School when 12 students jumped up to the stage in a very festival way. Led by the Papal boy-scouts group, the graduates walked through out the hall saluting the parents and friends who came to share the graduates their joy.
The ceremony was held under the patronage of the MAYOR of Beit jala who was warmly welcomed by the chairperson and members of the board. Mr. Abu Amsha the chairperson listed the main achievements that were accomplished over the last three years. The principal Dr. Jihan demonstrated the progress which became feasible at the school performance and explained the impact of the special education program on the school career. 
The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the school, teachers and the principal through two emotional speeches in English and in Arabic.  
The Mayor expressed his excitement of the conceivable progress and successes that the school witnessed over the last two years. He thanked the school management and the staff. at the end of the ceremony the students were awarded by the school... in addition, the program included a lot of praying, music, dancing and entertaining activities which were run by the students and peers through out the ceremony.

The newly assigned Head of "Department of Education" in Bethlehem Mr. Sami Mrawa and his assistant visited Hope school within a scheduled visit. The guests were  welcomed by the School Management team and were given a brief presentation about the school history and progress. Mr. Mrawa expressed his excitement  of the progresses and achievements that were accomplished within the past three years. He confirmed his support to the school and the management team.

A group of friends from Educational Opportunities visited Hope school and made the morning devotion at the School Chapel. The event started by an introduction about the visit and his relation with the school made by Brother John who then asked Rev. Laura Parker to make the devotion to the students and the visitors. By the end of the devotion the students left to their classes while the group stayed at the chapel to listen to the school General Director Mr. Saba who made a brief presentation about the school; the achievements, challenges and the future plans. at the end of the visit the visitors made a short tour inside the school premises. Thank you E O. 

Egg-hunting game at Hope school garden

Hope School's Children visit Nativity Church 

As part of Hope school program, the students of the 8th grade visited the Nativity Church and the surrounding area. Headed by teacher Nicolas, the students visited the different sections of the Church, lit some candles, and extended a pray in a humble manger. Afterward, the students made some shopping in the nearby market. it is great to visit the place where Jesus Christ was born, a place full of blessings. 

Hope School in the Eyes of its Visitors 

Hope in the Holy Land 

An article written by Rev. Erica Robinson , Assistant to the Bishop/DCM

"Where did you encounter God on this pilgrimage?" the bishop asked our group of 57, including new ordinands, clergy and laity traveling to the Holy Land for the first time.

They named expected places: the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Garden of Gethsemane, but a surprising number named a less frequented holy place, the Hope School.  

This school in Beit Jala-Palestine, founded by Mennonites in 1962 is a UM Advance and provides education for underprivileged children in the West Bank and Jerusalem … Muslim, Christian, and non-religious kids from extreme poverty, or caught up in escalating violence, orphaned, or left behind by failed education systems where they have little access or need to work to support their widowed mothers or unemployed parents.  

This school, built and sustained by miracles and generous supporters around the globe, provides a place of refuge and tools for a promising future for its students. For some it is also their home as about a dozen board there.  
When we visited two years ago, the school was in a time of transition after the death of a beloved headmaster and some financial troubles. A member of the board, a businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Khader Saba, stepped up to become the school's director.  

He shared with us several creative ideas for the revitalization of the school, including a chicken farm, which impressed three members of the 2014 pilgrimage who returned home to raise $7,000 in the Mid-Maine District for the project.  

Today, what was an empty barn in 2014 is now full of chickens, supplying thousands of eggs to nearby hotels, shops, and locals as revenue for the school. In addition, the school partnered with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) to build a soccer field that provides a recreational space for the school and community, as well as provides rental income.  

Upon arrival at the school, one of the youth from our group immediately joined a soccer game in progress and said later the laughter and love he experienced in that school was the highlight of his week. 

A basketball stadium is already under construction; a youth VIM group built a new laundry facility and taught the students to do their laundry; a small gift shop is also new this year, selling the products made by parents of the students in order to pay their tuition.  

They have nearly completed a new wing for a kindergarten so they can "grow the students from scratch," and they provide the area's only special education program for "slow learners" who would otherwise have no opportunity for education after 8th grade. These students can continue their education for three additional years in order to prepare for a vocational program or go on to graduate from Hope.  


When we visited this time, we met Simon (pictured above with me), a 16-year-old who arrived at Hope just one week before. Far behind in his education (estimated at about a second- or third-grade level), and living a dangerous life, they had seen incredible transformation in him in one week's time. When we met him, he was smiling ear to ear, happy to be there, and said that this is his new family. Our donations will help to sponsor him, as he has no family support and came with only the clothes on his back.  
It takes only $1,000 to sponsor one student's education at Hope for a year, and $2,000 to support a boarding student.  
While I already knew the miracles of the Hope School from my previous visit, this year I experienced the presence of God in a new way when we returned with six of our pilgrims on our "free" day to do some work at the school.  

Being unfamiliar with the public transportation system, which is further complicated by checkpoints and language barriers – and a cold, driving rain – we missed our stop and found ourselves lost. After repeated attempts to call the school and our tour company, we ventured into a nearby shop and asked the clerk for help. Turns out this store clerk we approached at random has a son who is a senior at Hope, and within 5 minutes, two cars arrived to pick us up and take us to our destination.  
Already blessed, we spent the day in service at this place of hope and transformation, and returned home with new friends, many stories, and renewed conviction to share the good news of the church's work in this sacred place. Your gifts to the Advance are changing lives and communities ... building hope for a future of peace and new life.  
If you would like to support Simon, or other projects at the Hope School, above and beyond your commitment to your church's mission shares, please send payment to NEAC marked for Hope School, Advance #12018A. 

Connected in Christ, 

A group from the United Methodist Church Visited Hope school 

Today; February 20th, 2016, we were blessed when a group from the United Methodist Church headed by Bishop Devadar visited our Hope school. The school's General Director Mr. Saba made a brief presentation about the school services and activities in addition to the achievements that have been accomplished over the past three years. The guests made a small tour through the school sections and the classes as well.

Help us get a mini-bus for Hope School Kindergarten 

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak;

    the Lord delivers them in times of trouble. “Psalm 41


On the first of September 2016, Hope School will start its first day of “Hope School Kindergarten. As for the first year we will start with 20 children at K1 – and then will grow each year for the coming three years to having a full pre-school with the capacity of 60-80 children both boys and girls.


As the school is located at the outskirts of the city and away from the city center, the Board of Directors is planning to buy a mini-bus which is considered as essential component of the kindergarten and is expected to achieve multiple goals:  

1-     To provide a safe and comfortable mean of transportation from and to the School for the targeted children.

2-     Encourage the parents to register their children in Hope kinder “Little Angel”.

3-     Provide a new source of income for the school by using the bus for various income generating activities in the local community.

We are asking our faithful friends to extend a hand of help to achieve this goal which will have great impact on the school offered services. Any contribution is highly appreciated.


“He that has two coats, let him impart to him that has none; and he that has meat, let him do likewise” Luke 3:11 

Work at the school soccer field just started 

It is the school new project ot find good and better opportunities for the students. The project aims at improving the school services and enhance its competency. The soccer field will be furnished with turf that fit the semi-football matches. It will provide opportunity for the school students as well as football teams from the surrounding area to practice and build their sport capabilities. 

Back to school 

"Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ"

The second term has just started, students got back to school, the boarders arrived a day before to prepare their rooms and beds. Some of the boarders from remote areas were not able to arrive on time or the same day because of the security situation. Teachers held their first meeting to hear some instructions from the principal. We have nothing to say but praise the Lord, thank you God for your generosity, for your mercy; your love is dwelling in our hearts. 

Keep Hope School in your prayers.

Christmas @ Hope School 

Students at Hope school both males and females are preparing for the Christmas event. Mrs Iman and the students erected the Christmas tree and hanged all the Christmas decorations on the tree and on the walls.
Christmas this year is affected by the deteriorated political and security situations. Violence and hatred are the lead values; we pray and pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to put an end to this insecure situation and to bring peace and calmness to the Land of Peace, Amen. 

First-aid Capacity Building Workshop at Hope school 

In our endeavor to raise the students' awareness towards crisis,Hope school in coordination with Medical Relief Association conducted a first-aid  capacity building training workshop at the school addressing " how to behave amid crisis and how to deal with a bone-broken friend ". A trainer from the Medical-relief Association conducted the workshop.   

Chile Ambassador to Palestinian Authority visits Hope school 

Accompanied with Beit Jala Mayor Mr. Nicola Khamis, the Chilean Ambassador to the Palestinian Authority Francisco Bernales visited Hope school and met with the Chairperson M,r. Khader Saba and the school Headmistress Dr Jihan. The school management team made a small presentation about the school and its role in the local community and in addressing the educational needs of the vulnerable and needy children mainly those who are hosted by the school Boarding section.  His excellency, Mr. Ambassador expressed his great impressions of the school mission and vision as well as the performance of the management team especially their endeavor to capitalize the school own resources and find reliable source of fund.   

Preparing for Christmas Season 

Christmas this year is a special season. It comes amid very severe and deteriorated situation. We pray for God to halt the ongoing escalation of violence and bloodshed. The land of Peace is extremely in need for peace those days. Our children at the school started to prepare for the event, Mrs. Iman with number of students are preparing the Christmas tree decorations, both girls and boys are very happy to participate in making the decorations by their hands. 

Kindergarten at Hope school 

One of the main achievements that have been accomplished over the past year is to establish Hope school Kindergarten "  Little Angel". The main purpose is to enhance the school sustainability and to increase its capacity. The kindergarten was supposed to start last September, however, due to leakage of the well adjacent to the kindergarten, the project has been postponed until tackling the leakage of the water from the well. 

It is expected to host 20 children each year in the coming three years after which the school will start its first grade and continue establishing new grade each year to get the school to its capacity. Please pray for Hope school.  

Building a Basketball hall at Hope school

In coordination with a sport club in Beit Jala, Hope school started constructing a basketball hall on its premises. The hall will be used by the school students as well as the club's teams mainly in the afternoon. An MOU has been signed by the Club's BOD's and Hope Ministry clarifying the role of each organization. The hall is expected to be finished by the end of March 2016.  

New BOD's is elected in the General Assembly annual meeting 

On October 22nd, 2015, the General Assembly of Hope school convened to elect a new Board of Directors. The GA discussed the technical and financial report covering the past two years. In the discussion, the Chairperson Mr. Khader Saba, made a detailed presentation of the whole achievements that have been accomplished over the past two years. He highlighted the role of the three-year strategic plan which was produced early in 2014 and was partially achieved to save the school and get it back to its right track. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to those who make our dreams comes true, those who contributed by their efforts, donations or subsidiaries to the school and the children. Without these faithful efforts our school would've been failed to achieve its goals or to sustain over the past 53 years. 

The chairperson clarified that the school have been living under heavy burden of debts which were accumulated over the past five years. It is God's grace which saved our ministry from closure. We prayed and asked and we were given; we knocked and all the doors were opened. 

At the end of the meeting a new BOD's was elected by the General Assembly. We pray for the new Board to continue on the same track and improve the performance of the school and the whole ministry. 

Please pray for Hope school; staff and children.    

TeenMission International Leaves Hope school

It was a nice and productive experience with TeenMission International this year. The group worked hard to build-up a greenhouse as an income generating project on the school premises. The project represents a great help to the school provided that its income helps in covering part of the school expenses.
Yesterday was the last day and a humble farewell meeting took place at the school Chapel where the Chairperson of the Board expressed his gratitude to the participants and their leaders. A small gift (hand-made olive wood box) were given to each participants.
The team were very kind, committed and very reliable. They did their work with enthusiasm. It was nice to see the diversity of their activities; devotions, hard and productive work at the greenhouse site, bible study and other building awareness and entertaining activities.

Local community supports Hope school - solar panels 

Today is another happy day for hope school. We managed to sign a long term agreement with Jerusalem Electricity Company to install the Solar energy panels to produce electricity for the coming 20 years. Our electricity bills over the coming twenty years will be Zero. This is another achievement aiming at minimizing the school running cost. Signing the agreement took place at the Municipality building in the presence of the Mayor and five members of the council. Mr. Khader Saba the board chairperson, signed the agreement on behalf of Hope school while Engineer Hani Ghosheh signed the agreement on behalf of the electricity company. the new system will be installed within the next couple of months. thank you Jerusalem Electricity Company for supporting Hope school.

Graduation Day at Hope school 

It was a great day at Hope school. The celebration started on the Rhythm of the Scout's playing the drums and bladders. The 16 graduate accompanied with the school staff entered the Hall amid warm applause by the audience. The Headmistress congratulated the graduates in her speech and confirmed that the school is developing thoroughly. She mentioned that Hope kindergarten will start next September and a new class for slow learner will be opened by the next academic year. Mr. Khader Saba, the chairperson demonstrated in his speech all the achievements that have been accomplished over the past year aiming at enhancing the school capacity and sustainability, he thanked all those who extended a hand of help and supported the school over the past year. At the end of the ceremony, the students were awarded and given the school certificate. The celebration was honored by the presence of distinguished guests including the Mayor, the deputy of the Education Department in Bethlehem, Chairmen of the local institutions, and Dr. Bishara Awad and Rev. Alex Awad from the Bible College. At night the graduates conducted a special party for them and their parents at Everest Restaurant Hall near the school. 

Voluntary Day at Hope School 

A group of 45 American youth visited Hope school today May 9th, 2015 to conduct an entertaining program with the school students. The Board Chairman Mr. Saba as well as the school principle Dr. Jihan welcomed the group at the beginning of the event. In his speech, Mr. Saba presented the developments and stated the achievements that have been accomplished over the past 18 months following the severe financial crisis, the school went through in the past five years over which the debts were mounted and the achievements were declined. The group led a very active program engaging most of the school students. The program included an hour and a half of voluntary work at the school premises in which they cleaned the gardens surrounding the main building.   

The program completed by the end of the day leaving very good impact on the students and the management team. 

16 Graduates at Hope School in 2015 

This year, 16 students of Hope school will graduate and leave the school to start a new life full of challenges. 4 females and 12 males stands on the life junction in which they will decide their direction either to integrate directly in the community life and start their work career or to continue their higher education and postpone their entrance to the community and job career for more four or five years. We are proud of our Graduates the school will follow up and provide all the consultancy services needed to help them in their decision to select the right direction. Congratulations.

Transcend Support Group Visits Hope school 

A group of 16 visitors headed by Jerry Marshall - Chairman of Transcend Support, visited the school on April 13th, 2015 to look closely at the school progress and achievements within the past year. The group met with the Board chairperson Mr. Khader Saba and the school Headmistress Dr. Jihan Emaya. 

Mr. Saba briefed the severe that the school went through over the past year and almost affected the school performance on all levels and aspects. In addition,he spoke about the successes that have been achieved lately which saved the school and boosted its performance. Finally the group made a short tour over the the school premises and projects mainly the newly constructed laundry section and the chicken farms. Dr. Jihan explained the academic progress that took place which will be crowned by the establishment of the Kindergarten and the opening of a new class for the slow learners. 

Sport Day at Hope School  

In its endeavor to activate the extra-curricular activities, Hope school organized a soccer tournament at the school playground in association with four teams including the boarding section team. The tournament supported by the Bible College- Shepherd Society.  

In addition to the boarders team, two day- students teams (the Bulls and the Saviors) , and the orthodox sport club team participated in the tournament.  

Following a high and hard competition the Bulls team won the tournament and got the cup.

Extra-curricular activities at Hope school: 

1- On March 7th, 2015, Hope school hosted 4 Italian Jazz musicians who conducted a special show for the children of Hope school at Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Beit Sahour. Students were very happy and enjoyed the music played by the Italian team.

2- Young life organization conducted an entertaining event at Hope school

The event which was conducted over two hours included entertaining competitions and small play that amused the children.

The two events were very successful and have great impact on the school students who were very enthusiastic and interacted positively with activities. 

George expressed his gratitude to Dr. Jihan and the management staff who coordinated the activities. He confirmed that these activities help us building new skills and abilities.  On the other hand, Reem added that it is very helpful activities and create new atmosphere at the school and among the students. 

Dr. Jihan asserted that these activities are part of a wide strategy to engage the students in after school activities which are very important to build up new capacities at the school. 

Thank you Embrace the Middle East, Thank you Teen Missions;

Laundry Section at Hope school is almost finished: last Summer, lovely US youngsters of Teen Missions visited the school and stayed for about three weeks carrying up their annual mission at Hope school. They did great job through starting a small-scale infrastructure project " Laundry Section". Their work was very professional; they built-up the the walls and founded the essential work for a large project to be continued later on. Hope School management team with the help of Embrace the Middle East was able to continue the work that has been started. The work at the project almost finished. The project is at its final stage and is expected to be completed by the end of March. The project has great impact and represents a critical milestone in the school progress; it will enable the management team to start a new project which will enhance the school capacity by finding the school Kindergarten " Little Angel". Thank you Teen Missions, thank you Embrace the Middle East.

Ash Wednesday Service at Hope School 

Rev. Steven Rettenmayer, GCBC representative, visited Hope Secondary School  yesterday along with 30 believers from all around the United Stated in an educational Opportunities group,  in such educational groups believers walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the journeys of the Apostle Paul.

He and his group met with staff and discussed various ways to cooperate with Hope School in term of funding.  An ash Wednesday service was held at the school chapel where a number of staff and students participated. The school halls were filled with praise as the group and students say :

            " Lord Jesus we come to You

Standing on the shoulders of our ancestors in faith.

Let us draw near to You with a sincere heart

And with the full assurance that faith brings,

Having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from guilty

Conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water."

We, at Hope School,  welcome groups from all over USA and Europe, where we gain friends and supporters constantly pray and visit us. Hoping to welcome those of you who haven't visited us before; be sure to contact us at : [email protected] .... You are utmost welcome. 

Production at Chicken farm escalates on daily basis

 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 16:7 

God is Good, God is good, we asked him and He gave us; we sought and we found His support; we knocked the doors and they were opened. 

We are very happy to advise that the production at the chicken farm is escalating day after day; heading towards its highest expected point which is 66 trays each day out of the 2100 hens. We will continue pray and work hard to increase the total number to 5000 chickens. 

God is blessing our work, we can feel His presence and Spirit anointing our endeavor and every single act of our ministry. We never look backward, our plans are achieving its goals and translated into actions.

Thank you God  

Hope School Expands its Laundry Facility 

Aimed at enhancing school capacity and sustainability, Hope School's Board has hired workers to complete an expansion of the laundry facilities.  This improvement will enable the school to start its new Kindergarten next September. 

Funded by Embrace the Middle East, a new laundry building is considered a top priority at the moment that will benefit the school's future and the boys in the boarding section.  

The old laundry section occupies three rooms on the ground floor and thus prevents or hinders ability of the school to add new students or educational enrichment activities like a science lab or a dedicated art room or a Kindergarten. 

The project was kick-started by the Teen Mission group who camped at the school last summer and diligently laid the foundation and erected the cinder block walls and steel frame.  It is expected to be operational by the end of March 2015. 

Christmas Season @ Hope school 

On December 23rd, 2014, in a cheerful ceremony, the students, staff and the Board of Hope School celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Christ Jesus. The festive occasion started by a reading from the Bible and a heartfelt prayer to bless the audience. 

The Board Chairperson reminded the audience of the sacred anniversary and its special meaning to people in Palestine and at Hope school. He spoke of the new era at the school and its developmental requirements and urged the students and teachers to adapt positively and respond with courage.  His promise and goal is to make students proud to be at Hope School. 

Next, Head School principal, Dr. Jihan Emaya blessed the students in the spirit of the occasion and encouraged them to study hard.  With an eye toward graduating senior's she reminded that "it is here where you begin to build your future." 

True to the birth of God as a child, the ceremony naturally included the students. The school Choral group sang Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and Joy to the World and the boarding section managed to put on a very entertaining play.  The funny and cheerful atmosphere created left a memorable impression on the whole audience. At the end, the School Administration awarded the students and the staff with the Christmas Gift. 

It is worth mentioning, on December 22nd, 2014 the Board invited the school staff to the Christmas annual dinner and each teacher swapped a gift with a chosen colleague.  

Staff Development 

Hope School is officially in exam period now and so the halls are hushed and students are seen walking and studying. It is also a time for the teachers to reflect on their work, their lesson plans, and how they can improve in the new year. So Hope School has hosted two professional development sessions on non-violent communication and mediation.

First, Randie Clawson, a short-term Methodist volunteer, shared insights from her experience as an elementary school teacher and co-manager of a domestic rehabilitation program. Her talk focused on the complex problem of how to empathize with the individual person while maintaining order in the classroom. "The process of communication," she encouraged, "is designed to improve compassionate connection with each student." For classroom discipline, she suggested peer accountability and the inclusion of students in the rule of conduct.

Developing this concept, a second session on peer mediation was led by Elias Emiya, mediator and teacher at Talitha Kumi Academy, and husband of Hope School's head-mistress, Dr. Jihan. An interactive session, Elias spoke of the transformative power of mediation as a non-violent way to solve disputes and build community. Noting 35 quarrels resolved at his school, mediation is a voluntary process whereby a neutral assists two parties in conflict arrive at a resolution both people can live with. To build trust, the third-party neutral or mediator, has to listen carefully and objectively. The goal is reduce the anger of the participants and help them find a constructive, peaceable solution.

Christmas in Bethlehem 

It is Advent season in Bethlehem where everybody rushes to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Prince of Peace. Lovely winds are blowing over Nativity Square, warming this hilly region. We at Hope School can feel the love, peace, grace and call to righteousness in the voices of the angels here in the place where Jesus Christ first shined and lit the globe. 

Our teachers are preparing tests and students are studying hard this examination period and all of us on staff pray for their success. We will celebrate Christmas with a party at 11:00 am on December 23rd, 2014 in the school Chapel. Please accept our invitation and invite your friends to share with us this joy!  

Volunteer's Perspective From Jerusalem Christmas Market

Reflections Jerusalem Christmas Market

A lot of work went into the Christmas Market Experience. Many Palestinian artists and craft persons created pieces of art for sale. Getting the prices marked and items packed was all part of the work of getting the items to market. After the trip to Jerusalem and the setting up of the display, the exciting atmosphere of the market and privilege of representing Hope Secondary School changed all the work to joy.

As people shopped at our table, they enjoyed and purchased many products. The Hope Secondary School banner on display generated questions about the school and its activities. Brochures were passed out to help answer customers’ questions and raise awareness of Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala. The Christmas Market gave us the opportunity to inform many about the important service that is provided to Palestinian youth in the West Bank through Hope Secondary School.

Randie Clawson IVIM GBGM

Hope School participates in the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Bazaar in Jerusalem 

Finally we succeeded to participate in the annual Bazaar organized by the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem. It is an annual event that provides a good opportunity for some charities to raise funds through selling hand-made crafts and souvenirs for the tourists. Our table had a collections of locally made Christmas cards, olive wood and oil, embroidery and other souvenirs' and crafts.  Some ornaments were even carved by one of our own teachers.

We would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the Lutheran church for their hospitality since it is the first time for us to participate in such an event since the inception of the school.  We would like to convey our thanks to our volunteers Linda Whittaker, Rami Huzzaineh, Randie Clawson and Michael Barr for their help in selling our goods.  

PCDC visits Hope school 

Hope School received a visit recently from one of its most generous and faithful supporters, the UK based organization, Practical Compassion for Destitute Children (PCDC). It was wonderful to see old friends and we hosted four of the eight person team: Geoff and Muriel Harris, Geoffrey Richardsson, and Paul Morrell. PCDC is a sponsorship network composed of churches and concerned individuals throughout the United Kingdom. Thanks to their commitment, over 300 children are enabled to receive an education in the Holy Land. With an especial focus on Palestine, given its relative isolation from the world, almost all of the students at Hope receive partial to full sponsorship. Their funds, paid directly to the school, cover costs of tuition, books, school uniform and supplies.

Geoff and Muriel have visited us at Hope twice each year since 2003. Each day, with a very busy schedule, they met with students individually and also with their families, who delight in extending a warm hospitality as a thank you. Above and beyond the sponsorship purpose of their visit, PCDC seeks to connect Palestinians: when they hear of a need, they consider who they know locally in Palestine and Israel that might be a resource. It is an unnecessary but beautiful service and we are grateful for their friendship.

Share your Thanksgiving with us here at Hope School

Extend the spirit of giving thanks this Thanksgiving.

This November, please pray and consider a gift to Hope School

Blessing Palestinian Youth 

since 1961

To give and to receive is part of God's promise and we at Hope School are grateful for all of our generous sponsors. When you give to Hope School you participate in the hard work of transforming lives of vulnerable, underprivileged youth. As Jesus multiplied the fish and the loaves, your gift of hope allows us to give our students hope, and in this way we share the love and care around your Thanksgiving table. Please join us if you have not and accept our gracious thanks in advance!  God's blessing to you, your family, friends and congregation.

Opening Ceremony of Hope School’s Cafeteria Garden

Together with Beit Jala Mayor, Dr. Nael Salman, and in the presence of representatives from Local and International organizations, the Hope School Board and management team celebrated the inauguration of the Hope School Cafeteria Garden, a project funded by the Quakers.

The ribbon was cut at 11:00 am by Board Chairperson Mr. Khader Saba, Beit Jala Mayor Dr. Salman, and Rev. Tom Patton from the Quakers. It was witnessed by distinguished guests and the entire student body.  Due to rare inclement weather, a welcomed rain, the audience moved to the school chapel to continue the official ceremony.

Rev. Kristen Brown, liaison from the Methodist Office Jerusalem, offered a prayer to bless the proceedings and those who will use the garden.  Mr. Saba welcomed the guests and explained that the garden rehabilitation is the second phase of a three-phase project funded by the Quakers, an important addition to the accomplishments of the past year.  Coupled with the newly reinstated 'chicken farm' project, the Garden advances the goal of school revitalization.  He announced that within a couple of weeks, we will have the first round of egg production: “We started with 2100 chickens and are planning to increase the number to 5000 chickens by the end of 2015. Through the sale of eggs to local market, we will be able to cover 25% of the school expenses.”

Quaker Rev. Tom Patton spoke next and expressed his sincere delight to help Hope School in its efforts to provide the best quality education for vulnerable children. Touched by his visit, he is hopeful that the great changes of the past year will continue for the benefit of the children. He announced preparations for the third phase of the project, a playground renovation with the possible construction of an official football field.

Finally, the Mayor of Beit Jala expressed gratitude to the Board of directors for their role in advancing the work of the Arab Charitable Society and Hope School. He affirmed that the fruits of the work can be touched and tasted and that his office will not hesitate to provide any assistance that may enhance school sustainability.

In between speakers, a school choral group sang two songs, one in English and one in Arabic, both hymns of praise to God that reminded us of our responsibility to faithfully care for God’s creation.

To close the ceremony the Board awarded "A Certificate of Recognition" to all those upon whose patronage Hope School relies and thrives.


On behalf of the School Board, I wish to thank all those who make our dreams come true: first and foremost we thank our almighty God who responded in a very short time to our prayers; many thanks to our friends who encouraged us to restart the chicken project; many thanks to our dear friend from Beit Jala who lent us the money without any condition or interest to buy the hens; many thanks to the school management team  who swiftly enrolled and complied with our endeavor to boost school sustainability. We have started with 2100 hens and our plan is to increase the number of the  chickens to 5000 hens by the end of the year 2015. Any contribution to make help us in achieving this goal will be highly appreciated. 

Hope School prepares to re-launch its chicken project 

One dream of Hope School's Board of Directors is to re-start its chickens' farm project. The project represents a milestone in the life of the school. It is crucial in keeping the school sustainable as it provides reliable income on a regular basis from a well known source. The project started in 1988 as an income generating activity to help cover part of the school expenses. Over the succeeding years, the project built up a brand name in the local market as it responded to the increasing need of the local community. However, it did not weather the financial crisis which the school has undergone the past five years; project productivity declined, its capital seeds were swallowed and the project closed in September 2013. The new Board, elected in October 2013, immediately saw the importance of the chicken farms which, at its highest, covered 25% of the school expenses. The Board determined, and set as a strategic goal to re-launch the project after finding the appropriate funding. We "prayed without ceasing" and asked our friends to extend a hand to help fulfill the task. We did not wait long for our God to respond who said: "Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear." Our dream will be realized and the project is set to launch in late October with a minimum number of 2000 egg-laying hens. The fund is a loan, not a gift, yet without interest and will be repaid within five years. But to realize an economic benefit, we need to increase the number of chickens to 5000. We will not give up on this quest and ask help of whoever will partner with us to fulfill our project's requirements. We continue our prayers and believe He will never let us down.  

Hope School Participates in Basketball league

Hope School is participating for the 5th year in a row in the Annual Bethlehem 'Elto Riadia High School Basketball League.  The purpose of the league is to offer local Palestinian youth in Bethlehem district the opportunity to play competitive basketball, build character, and grow in Christian love.


We received the invitation to participate in His Family Sports basketball league again this past Thursday and played our first game on Friday the 27th of September!  While the Hope School team played with energy and heart against the Jerusalem American School, it is going to take some work to pull out a win.  This year, sport teacher Nicola Sansour and GBGM short-term missionary Michael Barr will lead the team and hope to instill in the youth discipline, team-work, and ball-handling skills. 


During half-time, Paul Guerrero of Raising Up Humanity (R.U.H.) gave a message in which he reminded the boys to "do all to the glory of God" because any day could be their last.  Games are held on Friday mornings at the Catholic Action Center in Bethlehem and the season runs through 28 November so please stay tuned.

Hope School delegates participate in a workshop in Jordan 

A delegation consisting of the School headmistress, the Board Chairperson and a teacher participated in a three-day workshop addressing "Non-violent communication at Schools in Jordan and Palestine."  The work-shop took place at Al-Aqaba city of Jordan with participants representing 10 schools from Jordan and Palestine. The program which was organized by the "Palestinian House for Professional Solutions", was very relevant. Participants explored and discussed the best pedagogical means to deal with students exposed to trauma and those who are prone to extraordinary accidents due to living in deteriorated social and political situations. It is recommended that students living amid such drama be enrolled in psycho-social programs aimed at absorbing and alleviating the impact of the deleterious circumstances on their mentality and behaviors. 

One of the fruitful outcomes is the networking made by Hope School with three Jordanian Schools including Al-Oza'i school for boys in Rsuaifeh and Al-Zohor School in Amman. The delegates also visited the Girls School at Rusaifeh.  

Headmistress concludes an official tour to the UK.

Hope school Headmistress, Dr. Jihan Emaya, has concluded a one month tour in the UK. The tour took place in the context of launching a wide-range campaign aimed at promoting Hope Ministry and seeking to improve the school sustainability and performance through finding new friends, supporters and partners in UK. The tour can be described as fruitful and constructive; new horizons were opened to achieve school goals in building up partner relationships with schools from the UK. 

Hope school family; the Board, staff and the students, would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped in making this tour come true; we would like to thank our dearest friends who fixed and funded the tour, those who supported and donated to help our students and those who prayed for our school. 

In Particular, the Board would like to thank PCDC staff for their faithful efforts exerted before and during the tour with special thanks to Mr. Paul Morreill

Hope's Five Strategies 

Over the next three years the Board is working on Five Strategies to keep the school sustainable: 
1- Capitalize on the school's own resources through income generating projects 
2- Lay down a professional organizational structure based on accountability, transparency and professionalism.
3- Enhance school capacity by establishing Hope Kindergarten, Special education and Slow-learning units and updating educational delivery service through introduction of up-to-date tools and techniques. 
4- Re-portray the school image in the local community and overseas through launching a wide-range campaign aimed at increasing local and international contributions toward school revenues. 
5-  Finally to minimize and rationalize the school expenditures by finding vital and practical alternatives such as the solar Electricity-producing system and other projects.  

Distribution of School Kits and Uniform at Hope School 

Everything was prepared for the Kick-off moment, when the students came from everywhere to join the school's first day. The opening day started with a meetings at the chapel in which a small prayer raised to bless the school, staff and students over the new academic year. the Headmistress Dr. Jihan addressed the students politely and urged them to be ready for the new year because we want to make it a "Distinguished year" as she quoted, "we must cooperate together to make  remarkable changes in everything; discipline, daily attendance, good marks and overall good behaviors that preserve and keep our values of tolerance, love, peace and co-existence alive. As you notice, the number of the new students attending the school is 52 students; that fact represents a decisive indicator of the community recognition of our work. We have to prove worthy to be Hope school's students and staff. The slogan of this year is : "everything matters" so we will take care of everything and not ignore anything that can advance our academic march."  By the end of the meeting, the students received their new uniform and school kits.     

The school new year 2014-2015 has just started at Hope school

The new academic year at Hope school has just started. On August 14th, 2014, the teachers were invited to meet at the school where they received the new instructions and regulation for the new year. Tawjihi students were invited to attend the classes on August 16th, 2014 while the rest of students will attend their classes on the August 24th, 2014. We hope and expect the new year will be full of fruitful work and good results. "Everything Matters" would be the slogan of the year, we care for everything: the school system, bylaws and regulations, healthy and comfortable educational environment, well being of the students and finally the school academic results. With focus on the undergraduate students, we are interested this year to prepare our students mentally and psychologically for the next phase of their educational career. our intention is drawn to prepare them for the challenges they might face when leaving the school and attending the universities or work. We are interested in keeping up our basic values of tolerance, love and living in peace with their peers as a living values practiced on daily basis. We will continue teaching them the word of God to "Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong"  Corinthians 16:13. We are asking all our friends to pray for Hope school.

Working at the school public-park almost finished 

The cafeteria garden project is going to be an attractive addition to the Hope School property. Our Quaker friends are sponsoring the project, which will include an irrigation system, plants including green grass, and picnic tables. When it is completed it will be a welcoming place for students and visitors with their children to sit and enjoy a meal. As it is planned, the garden will be opened to the public in the afternoon; people from the surrounding area can enjoy using the properties fit to the whole family.

Insulating Hope school Southern-building roof 

Based on the generous fund and donations from Hope school friends, we were able to tackle one of the urgent school problems. over the past years, the school classes suffered of water-proofing mainly in winter. The water was dropping into the classes, the staff room and the corridor. This year we prayed and tried our best to raise fund to tackle the problem. We were sure that God will not let us down for He said: "Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you".  Finally, our prayers were answered. The project included insulating the Southern Building's roof with a surface of 320 m2 in a very professional way including; primary layer, hot asphalt layer and stretching and melding Isolating rolls. Work has been finished in four working days with 10 years guarantee.  Hope school would like to thank all those who scarified to find a convenient and comfortable place for our students.       

In Memory of Late Principal Solomon Nour 

On August 5th of each year, Hope school family; BOD’s, staff, students and all our school friends locally and overseas, will always remember, the school late principal, Mr. Solomon Nour who passed away while he was on top of his job. This year the BOD’s thought of generating and issuing a special edition of the school newsletter in memory of his death.

On behalf of the BOD’s and school staff and employees, I would like to convey my heartfelt solidarity and deep feelings to Mr. Solomon’s family; to his brothers and sisters, to his daughters, Leila and Sara and to all his friends in Beit-Jala and all over the world.

The death of any loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. What if the deceased was the father, the brother and the friend of the teachers, students, visitors, guests and all those who were involved at Hope school?? Mr. Solomon was the main pillar of the school and the whole Ministry.

I am asking our Heavenly Father to keep our late principal in His presence, forgive his sins and anoint him with righteousness and the Holy Spirit. For He said: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Amen.

Khader Saba  

Rev. Alex Awad leads a praying event at Hope School for Peace in the Holy Land

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God" Mathew 5:9

Amid the hard and severe situation prevailed in the Holy Land, Hope School invited various representatives of the local churches and Christian organizations to pray for peace and calmness and to halt the disgusting war that displaced thousands from their houses and claimed more than 230 people most of them are civilians and innocent people.

Dr. Alex Awad, representative of the Baptist Church in Jerusalem, led the event and welcomed the participants. He started with a small prayer confirming that we are here to raise the voice of peace, love and Justice amid this gloomy situation. Father George Shahwan of the Orthodox Church confirmed that this is the land of peace where Jesus Christ was born, Lived and resurrected. Mr. Salim Zeidan, Nicola Sansour (Hope School), Christine Brown (Methodist Church) and Ashley Cox ( Teen Mission) read various pieces of the bible calling for peace and justice. While Priest Saliba Rishmawi of the Lutheran Church raised a prayer to bless the participants asking God to enlighten the hearts of the politicians and fill it with wisdom and mercy. 

During the event, prayers from Hope school's friends all over world were shown through a slide-show on a large screen. 

Hope School Hosts a praying event for peace in Holy Land

Inspired by the praying event hosted by Embrace the Middle East and other friends elsewhere, Hope school decided to host an ecumenical praying event in association with representatives of Baptist, Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran Churches in the area. Rev. Alex Awad is expected to lead the service with other clergymen. 

The event will take place on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 5:00 pm local time at Hope school Chapel.  

You are invited to join the event and raise your prayers for peace to come in Holy Land amid the current gloomy situation in which innocent people are the only victims of such disgusting war.  

Embrace the Middle East hosts a prayer event for peace 

Dear all


Last night Embrace the Middle East (UK based organization) hosted a prayer event for Israel and Palestine, attended by seven local clergy as well as lay people. We prayed for specific requests as well as the wider situation. It seems little in the face of huge catastrophe but we know God hears out prayers. Despite the terrible events in Gaza, we have faith that God is there in the midst of suffering and our prayer is that individuals and families may find peace and hope in Him even while there is violence all around.



Keep Holy Land in your prayers 

The situation in the Holy Land is getting worse; violence between Israelis and Palestinians is escalating subsequent the mutual kidnapping and killing of innocent people. This is a new kind of war, "the war of kidnapping" where the victims are always innocent people. 

This week, Israel and Hamas escalated their military confrontation, with Israel carrying out extensive air attacks on Gaza, in response to heavy rocket fire and authorizing a major call-up of army reserves preparing for an extended campaign against militants in Gaza.

At Hope school, we have nothing to do but to pray for Almighty God to bring back peace and calmness to the area. We believe that God is protecting our guests, children and premises. On the other hand, our programs and activities  went regularly at this point and everybody is doing his work without interruption.  We trust : God is with us, protecting us, blessing us and responding to our needs  for " Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.John 14:13"


"This is the day the lord made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

On May 24th, 2014, Hope school celebrated the graduation class of 2014. The ceremony was run under the patronage of Dr. Nael Salman; the mayor of Beit Jala. More than three hundreds of the students' relatives and parents came to share their happiness of this historical day. The graduates were very delighted of the event and expressed their feelings in their speeches both in Arabic and English languages, through their representatives. The ceremony started when the graduates entered the Celebration Hall at the Orthodox Benevolent Building, following the scout-group band who was playing the National Anthem. Rev. Bassam Bannoura inaugurated the ceremony in a small prayer to belss the event. The moderator Mr. Issa Rishmawi welcomed the parents, the students and other distinguished guests. In her speech, Dr. Jihan confirmed the will, determination and programs  she has prepared to develop the schooling performance and improve the students academic results. Mr. Khader Saba the BOT's chairperson, explained the new strategies the Ministry and the BOT's have adopted to make vital and fundamental progress at the school and other related projects and thanked all the school friends who support and help the school to continue its mission. The Mayor of Beit Jala who sponsored part of the event, thanked all those who are working hard to improve the school situation and circumstances. He confirmed that he participated in the preparation meetings and discussions of the three-year strategic plan that was produced lately at Hope school.

At the end of the ceremony, the students were awarded a small gift and given the school certificates. Who in return awarded each of the school staff a red-flower as an expression of their gratitude to them. 

On the other hand, Mr. Hanna Hadweh was selected and awarded as the Ideal Teacher for the year 2013-2014 and Mrs. Toula Stephan was selected and awarded as the Ideal Employee for the year 2013-2014. The selection process was made by the students, the headmistress and the BOT's.      

Gifts from the Holy Land

In the small Souvenir Shop at Hope School you can find a selection of professionally-produced crafts of local artisans at affordable prices. We are ready to ship Palestinian textiles and embroideries, olive wood handcrafts and other souvenir products to your place of residency.

For a list of available items and orders please contact : [email protected]   

Teen-mission at Hope school  

Back to school  

Three months ago, the boarders left their rooms and went back homes. We grabbed this opportunity to make some maintenance at the boarding rooms and prepare the beds and rooms for the coming season. This year we have 21 boarders, some of them are coming from remote areas, while the others are from Bethlehem District. We have more than other 10 applications, however it is too difficult to host them this year for financial constraints. 

The house father, welcomed the comers and confirmed the need to create a family-friendly environment at the boarding section and to keep up the family-based values of love, respect and cooperation in doing their common and private tasks. Please pray for the boarders for they need your prayers.  


School Trip to Mega Land (pic)

A message to the Principal 

Dear Dr. Jihan

Muriel & I would like to thank you for making our 19th visit to Hope school the best visit ever.

We admire what you are doing for this school and we are quite certain that Hope school will rapidly become one of the outstanding schools in Palestine.

We are delighted that you are the Head-teacher of Hope school. I know that you will make it into a wonderful school for the students both socially and academically.

You have our support and our Love

Geoff & Muriel


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